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A public policy decision about managing municipal solid waste, illustrates how controversial beliefs can be reflected as uncertainties therefore the role of universities in disseminating credible information on major environmental problems should help decision makers by shaping their beliefs to make better decisions as sustainable waste management must be based on science and the best available technologies, not on what seems inexpensive today but may be very expensive in the near future.

WtERT-Canada’s Municipal Support Initiative aims to assist municipalities to find alternative solution for landfilling post recycling waste that could be instead used to generate energy. Through a pre-feasibility study for Waste-to-Energy facility, the goal is to optimize the technical and financial viability of the integrated waste management system to achieve maximum, commercially viable extraction and recycling of usable materials, combined with energy recovery from the remaining residual waste in a facility that meets appropriate environmental operating standards. Recyclable materials will include the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and the production of an aggregate for civil engineering applications from the WTE ash residue.

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Committed to helping city councils reaching their sustainable goals, to reduce waste going to landfills and Greenhouse gas emissions.

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WtERT brings together academia and managers from industry to advance sustainable waste management.

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Since 1997, Our team has studied all existing methods for managing post-recycling urban wastes around the world.

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Participating members of the WtERT from over 30 countries that are actively contributing to our WtERT research, technology or innovations.

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